7 Quick Takes – 2/10/13

 – 1 –

 We made the big move back to the land this week.  Huge long blog post to follow.

– 2 –

I honestly don’t know how I have had 6 children and never used a Bumbo!  I love this little chair and have decided we totally need one!  It even doubles as a highchair!  Way too cool!

– 3 –

We got to pass around yet another illness this week!  UGH!  How is it that we can go YEARS with nothing and then have a year where it is constant?!  I know our eating habits have been really bad this year with camping and staying at other peoples homes.  I never realized how bad eating processed/non fresh food affects our bodies!
 Mr. Littlest is such a protector boy of “his” girls!  Rubbing their backs and belies, holding the paci in for BabyGirl – she still hasn’t figured out how keep it in alone – even though he felt bad too.  #SoSweet
 He was so afraid of getting sick he slept with a bucket.  It was just a quick head thing.  Guess he is still traumatized from the last stomach bug.
This is how a Mom Of Many deals with illness.  Everyone together, in one spot makes it much easier for mama to take care of everyone’s needs without running crazy!  Thankfully, it only took a couple of days to run through everyone. 

– 4 –

  The running joke has now become “oh my arms!  They hurt so bad!”.  Mr and Bou making fun of yours truly from when I had to cut the stupid stair stringer with a hand saw.  Thanks guys – feelin’ the love, really! 

– 5 –

  Eye Dr was this week.  Everyone checked out perfectly.  Except Lady.  They say she isn’t seeing far away like she should be and needs glasses.  This is where I begin to question.  They say she needs to wear them all the time – even when she is reading or doing schoolwork.  Which didn’t make sense to me (and still doesn’t honestly).  
When I asked they said that “her eye muscles would have to adjust, to relax, let the glasses do the work”.  
Me: Wouldn’t that make her eyes weaker for the close stuff?  
Them:  Well yea.  We will likely have to up her prescription for the next few years.  But if she was 16, she would have to wear them to drive.
So – if she was 16 she would only have to wear them to drive.  But since she isn’t, they want her to wear them all the time.  Add in the fact that Bou was given glasses at about the same age for the same reason.  Never wore them and here we are a few years later and his eyes are “perfect”.  We went ahead and got them, if she needs to see distance she can wear them.  Think its best to let her natural eyes do the close work though.

– 6 –

  Tonight is the first night for our Family Life Group.  And Friday is the Pinteresting Women’s first meet up.  #SoExcited!! 

– 7 – 

 Do I even need to say it?!  THE WALKING DEAD RETURNS TONIGHT!!!!!!  Whooo hoooo!!!  What is up with the Governor?  And the new people Carl took care of?  What about Michone?!  Oh.  My!   We have GOT to find somewhere to watch it!  This wait has been WAY to long!  And yes, we are totally addicted!  Blame it on the Mr and my sister.  See he started watching them on Netflix while we were in Texas.  Then when we were staying with my parents this summer my sister made me stay up many nights, day after day, watching the previous 2 seasons.  Like forced me.  Against my will.  Or something…  I totally blame them…
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