Happy New Year!!

Wow these last few weeks have been crazy.

So many posts have been started, never getting to final editing.  Not for lack of desire, thats for sure.

Ever have those days (or weeks, ahem) when your mind is going in a million different directions?  To many thoughts, post gets written to be edited later (you know – in between doing the mommy and wife thing). Then inspiration hits on a totally different subject.  Lets sprinkle in a Christmas Blessing, a Christmas evening blizzard (in Arkansas?!), *6* family get togethers for Christmas – oh and a New Years for good measure. 

Its back to the grindstone now.  This weekend plans will be formed for the many homestead projects.  Like most new homes/homesteads there are many ideas.  Gardens to be cleared and prepped, off grid solutions to be built, trees to be cut for next years firewood, on and on.  Not to mention all the things on the house build!  We now have to figure out how, when and what we have/dont have from our spread of gathered materials. 

I am simply giddy with excitement for this year!

Can we just get a babysitter for a weekend and a crew to help knock a chunk of this stuff off the list??

Finally was able to make it back to the house from all the snow and Christmas’.

It wasn’t looking so good – the first tree had fallen during a wind storm earlier – the pine tree covered the road.  Someone was helpful and had done a “hack it enough to drive over/through the trees”.  Our big ole truck wasn’t going to make it through their little path but at least we could drag it to the side enough to drive through.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a chainsaw LOL  Thank you neighbor!

This one just bent, didn’t even crack!  An archway!!  Love!

 Oh dear, my heart skipped a beat – 2 more trees… knowing there are hundreds more between the road and the house.   The heavy clay driveway wasn’t going to let us up to the house either.  (Note to self: factor more gravel in the plan!).  Its not a very long walk, just taking a couple of minutes.

Thankfully the rest of the driveway and the house survived just fine.  Sadly, the house claimed a victim – a bird.  We figure it came through during the blizzard when the plastic covering the windows came mostly unattached and then couldn’t figure a way out.  It was kind of like a not so pretty surprise following the trail of feathers :-  But no mice!!!  (knock on wood!!)  Other than that, we had a few branches down, small enough we could fling off.

Now off to the big blue store for some various supplies!!  Whoo hooo!!!

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