BabyGirl’s Hospital Stay in Pictures

Now for a much more lighthearted post!
I have to say, besides the circumstances, the environment was much more comfortable this go around.  Our Children’s Hospital completed a major overhaul, opening the new wing in July.  The ER, by the way, moved to the side – I learned that after getting her out and walking up to the old entrance.  It seems much more emphasis was put towards the parents and caregivers comfort than we had before. 
In the ER, feeling better already after getting the awesome nose vacuum!

I don’t add this pic for any reason other than I didn’t get one with Missy’s many experiences with chest xrays aka The Torture Device.  Yes it looks horrid, yes even after seeing my babies in it a half dozen times I still want to punch the techs, yes it still chokes me up to experience it with them, but it not as traumatic as it once was.  And as soon as they are back in mama’s arms we are both better.

The CareHub is one of the neatest new things.  They are in every ER and hospital room.  Gone are the big, bulky, plastic “remotes”!  With this touchscreen you can: control the big screen TV, pick (and watch) movies, look at pics that you upload, listen to music (preloaded or what you upload), browse the internet, play Xbox 360 (!!!), chat with others in the unit/on the floor/in the hospital, watch webcams around the hospital, message your Dr. directly and order room service! I totally would have played with it more if I hadn’t been so exhausted.  The most I got was the ask if the 360 would charge my phone via USB (it does) and watch Journey 2 the Mysterious Island (love!).

She was on 2 liters of oxygen all night – what a world of difference that made for her!

The following are pics of the new rooms.  From my understanding, the Infant Toddler (ITU), Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) and Cardiovascular (CV) all got these upgrades.  Spacious private, *sleep in!* rooms with their *own bathroom* complete with bath/shower!!! 

Yes, it is truly exciting!  When we were in the CVU with Missy there were 2 bathrooms for about 25 *sets* of parents.  We all had to sleep in the waiting room with those crazy ‘chair folds out to bed’ contraptions.  You got good at packing all your stuff in, around, under, behind those chairs.  It was still the waiting room for visitors after all.  NICU was the same way.  You also got good at wondering around the hospital looking in unusual, hidden away spots for showers and washers/dryer.  But not anymore!

The “view” is to a roof top atrium with an outdoor playground!  How neat is that?!

A bathroom!  With a shower/tub!!


The 3rd floor, roof top Atrium.

Look ma!  No tubes or wires!  Oh and yea, that is a glorious hospital butt-showing gown!  In baby size!  Too Cute!

Really!?  Look familiar?!  Yup, I got the same “Strawberry Cake Dessert” when I was in the hospital!  At least it was a bigger slice this time.

Ok this is my other favorite upgrade!  They call it “Family House” – and its just what was needed!!

A kitchen!!  Would have made it a lot better than having to walk down to the cafe every time you wanted something to drink.

Washers and dryers!!!  On the floor!!!  Just for us!!!

A “dining” room and a “living” room as well as 2 computers.  AHmazing!  There is also a huge playroom with rocking chairs.  I know it probably sounds strange, but when your child is in the hospital you need those little spaces and moments to get away from the tubes and wires, flashing and beeping machines.  Even more so when you are rooming in with your sick little one.  I think they did wonderful with the upgrades!  While I pray we never need to use them again, I know it is making it much easier for many parents.

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