7 Quick Takes – 1/11/13

 – 1 – 

Not 2 weeks into the New Year – you know when you make all those Goals for the Year – and I have fallen off my blogging goals.  But I do have a good reason…  I think.  Its called “I have had a 4 day migraine” which roughly translates to “the only goals are to keep the children fed and minimal housework”.  Then it hits you – its Friday and you havent written a single post all week.  Epic Fail.

– 2 – 

Pretty sure the migraine is in direct relation to my new battle with high blood pressure.  Yea, I thought I was all over that “post-natal pre-eclampsia” issue too.  Apparently not.  When I get really stressed it shoots up… and takes days to come back down.  Which, by the way, staying “low stress” with 6 children…  ahem…  well, you know.

– 3 – 

On top of that, BabyGirl has come down with the cold a few of the other children had.  Sigh.  But I suppose it is working out, mama migraine + sick baby = lots of cuddling time.  Bless her little heart.  I have to say, she is too cute – cough cough, big huge smile, laugh, cough, cough.  I’m just a little extra paranoid with her only being 12 weeks (today!!).  A sick 12 week old baby girl rushed back a flood of memories (I’ll explain in Monday’s post).  Needless to say, watching her like a hawk and constant prayer is an understatement.

 – 4 – 

Can I just say – these have been a lifesaver this week!!  And with all the learning apps I downloaded for them – score!  Tablets have got to be one of the neatest inventions for homeschooling.  No more having to print out a gazillion {insert subject} worksheets.  And they think it is just to cool – pick a subject, find an app and learn.  Thanks Grammy and Poppy!!

Need to get stuff done – its looking really trashy LOL

– 5 – 

As far as house progress.  Well there isn’t much to report.  The children (really just Bou) and I did manage to cover the upstairs windows with foam board.  Kinda had to, the freak blizzard pulled our plastic off – and then those stinky weather dudes had to forecast 3 days of rain and a warm up with the caveat of *another* arctic blast coming down this weekend.  Really?!  I mean really.  We live in the South hun, our winter is only supposed to last 6-8 weeks max – and this year it started way to early.

  –  6 – 

So how does one get four 4×8 foam sheets to the house without a trailer.  Like this of course!!

Glad we have a huge SUV and young children or this may have been uncomfortable instead of fun for them!

– 7 – 

Another highlight of my week!  OliveNation was running a 2 day 20% off sale plus free shipping.  After so much Pintresting research the last few months on DIY kitchen staples, well I couldn’t pass up this deal to start making my own Vanilla Extract!  (Yea, this is another one of my many “to be edited” posts that were written during the Crazy Season…)  So excited to share this with yall!!

Hope yall have a Blessed Weekend!!
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