Stairs – the hard way

The creek bed that mysteriously started running water.

A further view from up the hill.



What is that?!

Oh my word!  Its the beginning of the STAIRS!!! 

Now let me tell you a funny story about these stairs.

See, last time The Children and I (and yes, it is capitalized because that is the groups official name) left the land we brought a gas can with us.  You know, to run the generator.  You know, for the saws.


Well the Mr. used said gas can for diesel.

Do you see where this is going??

Oh yea.

So after getting to the land a bit late and not wanting to waste time going back to the gas station (we decide that a lot don’t we!), we went to work.

With a hand saw. 


Thankfully there were 3 of us so we took turns.  Admittedly, Mr. still did the majority of the cutting.

I’m here to tell you – those settlers had some bad arm muscles after building a log cabin!!

I think we did pretty good.  It’s all (mostly) straight. For some reason the photo makes this look curvy, its not.  The bottom steps fit.

I’m nervous about the top run.  We measured a gazillion times and used stair calculators online to determine the measurements.  But, well, ya just never know with this building stuff I have learned.

So next time we will finish cutting and  start bolting everything in place.  Then figure out how to do the steps.  Whew!

Later had this conversation –
Mr. Littlest: how we get up the stairs
Me: I don’t know, magic I guess
Mr. Littlest: but I have no powers.
Me: What happened to them?
Mr. Littlest: they’re lost {insert sad face}

Total Randomness:

Now this is weird.  Twice now we have had this happen.  Gatorade Glacier Freeze starts out looking like this:
 After spending some time in the sun it turns this frosty clear color!  It’s the only color that does it.
And yet another weird country bug, yet to be identified.
And, by the way – we grabbed another gas can 😉
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Stairs – the hard way — 3 Comments

  1. I am always so happy to see a new post from you in my feed! I am so interested in a tiny house for a big family! We are just a family of 4 but I still would love to have a tiny house in the woods 🙂 As someone who grew up in an old house being remodeled though I sympathize with you on trying to make it work with little ones!

    • 😀 Aw thanks! I'm interested to see how it works for our big family – "in theory" is so different than "in reality" LOL! Your right, the children certainly add an element unlike any other when building 😉 Definitely have to factor in more time to each work day.

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