Secret Santa Shopping

Helping Poppy with the tree

Wow – all I can say is:

We are half way through the Christmas Season!

The children decided they wanted to draw names and do Secret Santa again this year.  There is no way I was going to stop my children from voluntarily doing a kind gesture for a sibling.  Names were promptly drawn…  Only to be traded “secretly” amongst themselves – which basically means they all know who each other got.

Then just as quickly, a call was put into my backup.  Think about it: 1 mama + 6 children who have to secretly get a gift for one another = fear struck this mama’s mind.  Thankfully my dad and sister agreed to help with the endeavor.  Whew!  While we were at it, I decided it would be a great time to look around for ideas for our “mostly DIY Christmas”.

So the crew was loaded up – and off we went.

This whole “DIY Christmas” is a bit harder than anticipated but way more fun!  The goals are easy enough: more personalized, better products and yet cheaper than the purchased counterpart.

Prime example:  the girls have acquired my high maintenance tendencies love for all things girly – nail stuff, hair stuff, clothes, shoes, bags. I saw nail polish kits for around $20.  Usually they have a lot of polish but it is smaller bottles of some off brand variety.  But you can DIY a custom “nail tech kit” – better polish in colors they would actually use.


The boys have been much harder.  I haven’t figured out a way to DIY Lego sets 😛 

Happy to report – mission accomplished!  Each child picked their present and paid for it, without the receiver seeing it!  I cheated – gave each child a gift bag, they slid the gift in and we covered with tissue paper.  And just like that it was also wrapped!  So we celebrated our success.  Or we just used that as an excuse.  Whichever.

Not much has been done building wise.  We did fix my little “over-site”.  And that’s about it.  I had planned to draw out the stairs to cut…  but I didn’t realize how heavy a 2x12x16 is!  WOW!  That will certainly have to wait for the Mr. to help move. 

That’s ok though, I didn’t have high expectations for the week. We had a brutal cold front roll through earlier this week.  Dropping us from the mid 70’s to the low 20’s within 24 hours.  Yup, welcome to Arkansas weather.  Gotta love it! 

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