My first solo build day

This is what the day looked like.  Beautiful and mid 70’s on December 3.  Glor-i-ous! 

Into the big blue DIY store we go.  I walk in like a boss.  I know what I’m doing.  I’ve done this purchase lumber thing before.  Never by myself – people don’t think a largely pregnant woman should be lifting lumber.  Usually the Mr is with me, or one of my parents.  Or the guys in the aprons did it.  I’m solo this time.  And not pregnant, so not one person asks if I need help.  But I’ve been there, watched what they did and asked questions.

I pick out 5 beautifully straight, knotless 2×4’s feeling confident I am going to get the stair landing built today.  Loading was another “I’ve seen it done but not actually done it” moment.  So of course I snap a pic and send it to the Mr.  He thinks it will make the drive. On the way to the house I am mentally planning it out.   I got this.

We get to the land and go in the house…

Only to find out the mice problem is not resolved.  Another mouse is caught.  Oh and it (they?!?!) apparently like Juicy Juice and have chewed holes in a few of the packs.  Which means there is a huge puddle of sweet, sticky juice on the OSB floor.  And the ants have found that sweet goodness. 

Deep breath.  There goes todays plans.

After getting as much as I could cleaned up (it is a wood floor) and tracking down the ant’s entry point I decided to close it.  Presenting the only progress on the house.  Tada!


So the positive of the mice would be they brought the ants.  The ants are showing me where the cracks are so I can fill them.   Its good to look for the positive, right?   I don’t know if the expanding foam will actually stop the ants from coming in.  I just felt like I needed to do something since they were squeezing their little butts in that little crack.  With 6 more cans, I have plenty if they want to try and find other ways in.

Now if we could find out how in the world the mice are getting in!

Tomorrow we will do the stair landing, tomorrow.

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My first solo build day — 4 Comments

  1. Sorry! Mice and ants are pains!!! Awesome that you are willing to build yourself! My husband was a partner in a construction business so I do not even want to pound a nail with him around!

  2. I think it turned out to be a great day. You found the juice puddle before it turned in to something worse – like a racoon or something bigger in the house. Mice and ants – you've got that 🙂 At first I thought it was going to be a story about not cutting correctly or something. There is always something that seems to slow construction down. I look forward to the next post about the stair

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