Impatient… or Excited

That’s what I am.  

I cant help it.  I am a person that has a project.  And a plan.  And then get it done… NOW.  Admittedly, details get in my way.  I don’t like dealing with to many sidetracks.  Otherwise I get discouraged.  When I get discouraged I tend to move on to the next project.  That’s probably the nice way of saying I give up on it.  Quitter or opportunist?  I go with the latter.

We are { } close to being done with the the boring, building phase.  Or at least have a mostly comfortable, habitable shelter.  (Is anyone ever done when building their house?)  I was scheming a few days ago on what bill we could set up on arraignments just so I could use that cash now on building materials.  Bad huh?

The children would have been thrilled this close to Christmas.  “Hey sweethearts, we’re not doing Christmas presents this year so we can get more building stuff – but we can start building your “rooms”!”  {Insert big cheesy smile here to try and convince them that what I say is a great deal.} Or I could go with “Merry Christmas children!  Look what Santa brought you!!  2×4’s and plywood!! Whoo hoo!”

 Pretty sure I would get this… right before the coup took place…

This is where I show my shallowness.

There was 6 of these – with matching side dressers!
Would have been a fun project to redo for their “rooms”!

I want to get onto the “fun” stuff!  You know, like designing, painting, organizing, decorating.  Getting down to the nitty gritty and making this small space work and function for our family of 8.

We have come up with so many plans, seen so many ideas, I am so ready to implement them, see if they actually work in our space. To get upstairs and make “bedrooms” – remember its only 16×20, minus a 4×11 section for the stairs, so about 276 sqft.  Pretty sure we can do 4 but can we squeeze in a 5th somehow?

Can we take a roof line like this:

Ending up with workable ‘rooms’, including personal space, that look like this:
Even better, with the beds in this direction:

Of course, maybe its not all shallowness.  Being to that step would mean that we are able to live there rather comfortably.  Perhaps that’s really what it goes back to and not so much the shallowness of picking paint colors and moulding.  Regardless of what you want to label it – it is going to be fun when we get to it!

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Impatient… or Excited — 3 Comments

  1. Awesome! I have thought of those ideas too and I agree if the beds could go the dirction of the last photo they would be easier to make. My hubby and I have thought about making the mattress's on some kind of slide out roller thingy so that if the beds were against the wall on one whole side ( like inthe first two pics) you could pull them out to more easily access the back two corners of the

    • Makes total sense – making the beds is the one thing that I am most not looking forward to because of the sloped roof – but thats probably something only us moms would think about LOL Thats a neat idea! Sounds like it would make it much easier!! Hope you and yours have a Blessed and Merry Christmas 😀

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