First Solo Build Day – Take Two

The creek bed does flow water!

 Mission Accomplished!

Yea… so, you see, I didn’t have “The Brain” aka the notebook that has all of my notes, sketches, MEASUREMENTS, etc in it.  
I was winging it.  I knew we needed 24″ tall and got most of it right.  I just forgot to take out the clearance for the top square.  Putting the whole deal at 27″.   

The stairs are outlined by the tape on the floor.  We could technically add a 4th step and solve the problem.  But that would put it another 9 inches or so further under the window.  The window is our future addition doorway.  Adding the 4th step would take up about 1/3 of that opening.  Despite my pleas that we could make it work, Mr. didn’t agree.  He might be is right, I just really wanted to move on to the next step.
Bet you can guess what we are fixing tomorrow.  Glad I bought extra wood.
Besides that little mistake.  HA!  We did it 😀  And it wasn’t that bad.  Course we had to use a handsaw because we didn’t have any gas for the generator and I didn’t want to spend the hour going to get some.  That was interesting (I never used one of those either).  We brought a gas can with us to get some in the morning.

The children were, well children.  They did the usual busy work of picking up trash, scrap wood and nails.  Then Missy started playing with the dog.  

Lo and behold!  After 8 years, our Black Lab finally figured out the “Retriever” part of his breed!!  Yea I know “how weird a Labrador Retriever wouldn’t play fetch”.  Nope, he sure wouldn’t.  He would maybe go get the stick but that was the end of it.  He wouldn’t bring it back to you.  Until today!   Amazing!! I don’t know where he saw it or why it finally occurred to him that if he brought the stick back the game would continue.  But hey, he finally did and the children were entertained for a while!

Last but not least.  Another example of the Lord’s provisions.  And another example of “tell as many people in your circle about the project”.  Mr knows a guy that knows about our project – who apparently thought of someone that had something to get rid of that we needed (how confusing huh LOL).

Didn’t I just say a few posts ago how we needed a bathtub to complete the bathroom fixtures.  How amazing is that?!  Thank you Lord and bathtub person!!  There are no cracks at all, looks perfectly fine!  Its the perfect depth for bathing littles and look, even has a little seat for pedi nights!  Love!  Another project can begin – the bathroom!  Yay!

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