Christmas Blizzard 2012

Yup, thats what we were treated to Christmas evening!
Now I realize to most of the country snow is no big deal.  I realize that 8-12 inches is a minor winter storm.  I also realize that Blizzard Warnings invoke as much response as Thunderstorm Warnings do.

But this is the south hun.  We. Dont. Get. Snow.

Seriously.  Our average is 5 inches per YEAR – and that generally comes in a couple of 1-2 inch events.  Last year, we had 1″ total. 

And they were forecasting *Blizzard* Warnings of 8-12 inches over night!

To make it cooler (haha!) – we hadn’t had snow on Christmas Day since 1926! Our snow usually comes in January, sometimes February.  So this was awesome!

So I’m posting a bunch of those “ooh, snow!” pics 🙂

This was the scene as we were leaving to go to a family Christmas dinner.

Power was already going out all over the city.
We ended up here because power was out at the original location.  More family soon joined when their power went out.

Not that I have any idea what a blizzard is like, this sure seemed like one!
It was amazing to hear the occasional thunder in a snowstorm!
It didn’t take long once the changeover happened.  We couldn’t help but go outside every hour or so most of the night.

It was very surreal.  The complete non-movement on a moderately busy neighborhood street.  The absolute quiet being broken with the sound of trees cracking in one direction, snapping in another.  Some falling onto houses or crushing metal sheds.  Sometimes the CRACK SNAP was quickly followed by a flash and sound of a transformer blowing, other times sirens followed.  Despite all that, it was beautiful!

The next morning my Brother and Sister in Law made the heroine drive to come play in the snow with their children (who had spent the night here). 

With all those people and all this snow – none of us thought about building a snowman!  Was fun to play in though!

As much as he tried, he couldn’t keep his eyes open “it bright mama”

We ended up with 8-9″ here – our house got close to a foot!

Being the day after Christmas, we had my parents Christmas dinner to go to.

Which gave me the perfect opportunity to take pics of our town transformed.

Not so green now!

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