Back to life, Back to reality

Its been 5 crazy weeks since Baby Girl joined our family.  Holidays, health issues, just plain chaos of adjusting to life with a new baby.

Brotherly love

She is doing great.  We had a few rough days around Thanksgiving.  She thought she would try this new thing – crying.  A lot of it.  Like all.  The. Time.  Pretty sure it was the “yummy to me, new to her” foods that her tummy did not like.  Either that or she was just trying out a different personality.  Thankfully, we are back to normal.   Not that I don’t mind holding her constantly, I love it most of the time, but it is nice to have 2 minutes to do things…  Mama’s – you know what I mean.  Oh and she officially has the issue the rest of us girls have – she is getting to long for newborn one piece clothes… but newborn pants fall down.  SMH. 

The children have adjusted very well.  Bou has been through this a few times, its no big deal for him.  The girls fuss on whose turn it is to hold and love on her.  They are so cute about it, offering almost any time she fusses the littlest bit.  And I have to remind them sorry no, holding her does not exempt you from your chores.  Mr. Littlest is who I was most worried about.  Given that he wouldn’t look at us the first day, let alone hug either one of us.  He has really taken to her though.  And totally called me out when I tried the “pretend the baby is talking and say ‘I love Mr. Littlest'” ala Good Luck Charlie.  Apparently he knows babies cant talk.  And he saw that episode.  Hmm, I tried.

Tiny painted toes

Health wise I am on the mend but still not feeling normal.  One day last week, my blood pressure suddenly dropped back to normal. Went to bed with “hypertension 1” of 145/93 – woke up to “normal” 122/73 and hasn’t gone up again since.  Weird for sure.   The cardiologist cleared me after another ECHO, saying the fluid on my heart will continue to improve   Still have a hard time focusing, thinking.  Still getting dizzy with funky vision, headaches and arm weirdness.  Cardiologist wasn’t concerned about it so guess its not a big deal. Hope it goes away soon cause its plain weird feeling, besides being incredibly irritating!

Mr. has been working his booty off, more daylight to dark hours.  Which is another reason for the lack of progress on the house.  Bittersweet for sure.  But it brings up the latest challenge.  We have about 10 days of decent weather before a forecasted brutal cold front plunges down from Canada.  Soooo…  (do you see where this is going??)  Yea, the children and I are going to attempt to get some of the building stuff done.  And I have never used a power tool beyond a drill before.  {insert slight mama freak out}  But lots of women have built their own Tumbleweeds.  And Mr. has done so much, time to add my building efforts.  No reason not to anyway.   I can totally do it too.  Even with lots of children underfoot.  Right?  

Wish us luck!

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