BabyGirl is 6 weeks

BabyGirl is 6 weeks.  
Do you hear our collective “awww”. 
It’s so cliche but so true – it goes to fast!
She has had a big week! So here’s 6 things about BabyGirl: 
Do you see what she is doing here??  Yup.
Trying to (re?)find her thumb – just like all of our other girls did.  
This will be the last week she wears this     newborn outfit.  Had to do a photo shoot! 
She now regularly smiles – no its not gas.
She has found her voice and like the rest of us, likes to use it.  A lot. 
She is ticklish!  She pulls her arms and legs in and smiles so big!
Certain family members are enjoying a Facebook war over who get more of her cuddles.  If one of them are around, mama only
gets to hold her in order to “recharge the snuggles”.  Love our family!

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