The house and the haul

All the fascia and soffits are finished.

Now the hauls from the week!  Let me say how totally excited we are!  How blessed we feel!  All of this was given to us.

Look at all this PVC pipe!  Black, white, green, 1″ to 3″, perforated and not.  A wide selection!  We figure we have enough for most (all?) of our needs – black water drainage, gray water drainage, rainwater pipe!

We are seeing a table from this massive circle of wood!  With a large lazy Susan in the middle.  Glees!  Wouldn’t that be too cute?!

Brand new front door in frame!  The frame has been the hold up.  Lots of people sell doors, but we needed a frame first.  Here’s both – yay!!

And perhaps my fav haul of the week – a cast iron wood stove!!  Is God amazing or what?!  We have been saying from the beginning we wanted a wood stove.  A-maze-ing!!  Thank you Lord!!

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The house and the haul — 2 Comments

  1. I love following your story! I find so many tiny houses that are only for two people. Since I have two little boys they do not offer much practical advise. Can't wait to see how you work it all out!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Your right, not many people with children are doing this tiny living thing. A few have 1 small child, has 2 school aged children, thats all that comes to mind immediately. I'm excited to get to the fun part of making this little space work for us! Uncharted territory for sure 😉 But thats a great thing about DIY'ing small – its totally customized to

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