Thanksgiving 2012

The girls learning how to make Grammy’s super yummy Banana Pudding.
The finished product

I love Thanksgiving!!  Its the official beginning of the holiday season.  Which of course means family, friends, memories, traditions and lots and lots of yummy food and drinks.

Translation: the ladies are doing a lot of the above while the guys do a lot of the below (with or without small babes).  Small price to pay for all the yumminess of the season.

Course this year, cooking day was a bit different than usual as we were at Grammy and Poppy’s house and we have a newborn.  We did make some wonderful memories – Grammy let the girls make her famous Banana Pudding (they did so good!) and I got to go to the store and purchase fresh turnip greens having never seen them in their uncooked state.  Thank goodness for helpful elderly ladies!  (There was a scare that I got collard greens, but all was well, they were turnip – whew!  They really should not put them next to each other on the shelf – just saying!).    I didn’t get to do much else but hold a hold-me-baby (which I didn’t mind of course, they are only little bitty for a short time), do some odds and ends and of course, talk to everyone in the kitchen.

Now lets be honest – the turkey and ham are good and all and they may take center stage on the table.  But in my opinion, they are not the stars of the day. The true reason I eat that stuff is so I can get to those side dishes!  Dressin, broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole and on and on – oh pure buttery heaven!  Then  its on to the desserts.  Yum yum yum!
We have 3 days of any holiday due to divorced parents (and one set doesn’t live here or we would have 4!).  By the time its over we are so done with turkey.  Probably explains why it takes 6 months to use the deeply discounted turkey breast I purchase every year.  

Our Butterball turkey is longer then their Diestel turkey – but theirs weighs twice what ours does!

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