Rough recovery

Whew, ok, well now that we got that little blog post mix up fixed, back to new thoughts!

Life has been interesting since Baby Girl’s arrival.  Mr. Littlest finally started talking to me again, even snuggled with me and asked to hold Baby Girl!  Poor little guy just couldn’t understand how he asked for a boy (named Toby) and got a girl – but found hope in the fact that mama’s belly wasn’t flat yet – that brother had to be in there still!  Bless his heart.  The other children adjusted much better – they have been through it a time or two after all – and it has been a constant game of “pass the baby” and “must have equal time”.

She didn’t care what they did to me – so long as she stayed snuggled!

Strangely, I developed complications last week.  A few days of some slight pressure on the chest, being easily reasoned off.  Until the sudden and very intense pounding head and chest (from fine to agony in literally 15 minutes) – after 12 hours of my blood pressure being around 160/105 and a pulse in the low 40’s – long (and scary) story short – I was admitted to the hospital for 2 days.  Thankfully the prognosis is good – the fluid around my heart and the high blood pressure is likely from the pregnancy and should go away on its own “soon”.  I just have to manage it until it goes down on its own (likely when the excess fluid goes away, but can’t take diuretics and being dehydrated increases blood pressure – catch 22, nice huh?)

The doctors and nurses were wonderful!  Allowing our little nursling to stay with me and even providing things to care for her (it was a middle of the night rush out the door, not exactly planned – what was in the diaper bag is all we had).  My dad stayed with us when Mr. had to go to work.  Bless his heart – he has had so many sleepless nights the last couple of weeks because of me/us, taking on much more then he has ever had to the last months.  #Blessed  Praying I recover and get to normal very quickly.

Another “Thankful” out of all of this??  Its me and not Baby Girl.  When we found out about Missy’s broken heart I did what I’m sure every parent does – begged for it to be me instead.  I only have one part of what Missy had, – the fluid around the heart.  That night, it was so painful, pounding so hard, so much pressure.  Knowing that was only a portion of her broken heart – still somehow she was always so smiley, so happy!!  A new level of ‘aww’.  Bless her, our little fighter!!

So for now I’m just trying to take it easy and try to not allow things to raise my blood pressure.  Which let me tell you, is sooo not easy with many children and my loud personality.  Ahem.  I do have a ‘script if it gets too high, but we can’t nurse for 4 hours after, so its natural remedies, prayers they do the job – and praying it does in fact, go away quickly.

And learning, lots of new learning for all of us.

Like how do you gently speak (without raising your voice and consequently your blood pressure) over 5 children and a crying babe?!  SMH.


Oh and at 10 days old – Baby Girl finally has a name 😀

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  1. Wow! How scary! I am so glad that you are on the mend. New baby girl is precious and looks like her siblings. Wonderful husbands are a God send – I am blessed to have one as well. Many prayers for you and your family for quick healing and warm happy moments spent together.

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