Getting back in the groove… slowly

Baby Girl is so little on our big ole bed!!

We spent the weekend at the land.

Oh Glory Glory!!

Don’t get me wrong – I love that the in-laws care enough for us (and our health) that they are willing to open their home to our chaotic bunch for going on a month now – we are so incredibly blessed and so very thankful.

But, there is just something wonderful about being in our (albeit incomplete) home!  I’m sure you can understand that.

One thing that really stood out this weekend – I love how hard the children play – by 8 pm they are in bed and soon asleep – plum tuckered out!  (Admittedly, we are usually not far behind them.)  Then they sleep until 8 the next morning – amazing!   That simply doesn’t happen in a “powered” home.  To much to keep us entertained but not physically active??  They are easily up until 10 pm with our night owls being up until midnight or later.
Crazy huh?

 Saturday was a busy day.  While I straightened, cleaned and organized the inside (can we say “Sam’s trip”).

The “kitchen” and “pantry”
The “closet”

Mr and Bou were putting up the soffits and fascia (and for some reason spell check wants to change it to ‘coffins’, which we do not have silly spell check!)  Yay!!!  Ah, its all starting to come together!!  Slowly but surly 😀  Its nice to be getting back, but so hard to see how close we are and not just throw everything at it and get it done, y’know?  Ah, deep breath, the Lord has His plan if we can just stay patient…  woosah.  

We also caught the mouse!  Another yay yay yay!  Or perhaps its more correct to say the mouse caught itself.  Haven’t a clue how it fell in the bucket (that was outside the front door!), or why it was attracted to a lunchable faux pizza sauce, but hey, whatever works – especially after the noisy thing woke me up 3 times during the night!  Like I need help with night wakings. SMH.  

Total side note:  I have come to the conclusion that this “high blood pressure” stuff is for the birds!  Those are the supplements I take 3 times a day to avoid taking the ‘script.  Crazy what a nursing mama will do, huh?!  Now if I could find something to help with the “brain fog” that comes with it.   And let me also say – a “high blood pressure – heart healthy” diet meaning low sodium, no fried foods, ect – is simply not compatible with a southern lady.  It’s akin to saying no SEC football – bordering on blasphemy!   Speaking of SEC, yea, the Hogs lost… Again…  Sigh…  Next year boys – we’re counting on you to make it up next year…


And I just had to include these of Baby Girl and Mr. Littlest.  Yes, the open mouth sleeping starts early ’round here…  as does the ability to sleep anywhere…  The latter is rather helpful…

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Getting back in the groove… slowly — 4 Comments

  1. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed! The baby cannot be that big already. She looks tiny in your bed but so big sleeping in her car seat. I agree with the no gadgets. My kids get worn out and are also much less moody when they get enough physical activity. Many blessings to you all!

    • Its crazy how fast she is growing, or at least stretching out – for being so little, she somehow demands half the bed LOL That is a good point – their moods are sooo much better when they get enough physical activity! Much less fighting/bickering/ect. Makes it much easier for mama 😉

  2. The house is REALLY coming along!!! First pic I've seen with all four walls and roof. It looks great!! It will all come together soon my friend, soon! Praying for more goodies for you and your family.

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