Rethinking this whole "off grid" thing

I’m a wuss.  I am not afraid to admit it.  I’m a southern girl whose mind is never far from the beach.  I prefer hot weather over cold any day (ok, until it hits the triple degrees LOL  Then its just miserable!).

Friday blew in our first real cold snap.  At naptime the children were sweating in the upper 80’s.  By bedtime we couldn’t get enough clothes on.  We attempted the Survivor Man trick of a pile of fresh from the fire rocks carefully laid on hearth of large flat rocks.  It worked  for about an hour and when you were very close to it.  Sigh.  Maybe more rocks…  or we should sleep on them like he does…  😛  By morning, at a blistery 42, we were all chilled to the bone.  I know that isn’t anything to most of the country.  Told you, we have southern blood.

Saturday night was to be even worse.  Attempt two.

My idea was to pitch the tent in the house – smaller space, body heat, maybe it would stay warmer…  The kitchen was the only place it would mostly fit… ahem…  LOL

We pulled out the children’s 0 degree mummy sleeping bags… And extra blankets for us since we never got around to getting us bags (a fact we are now much regretting!).  And settled in for our teetering on freezing night. 

The tent idea wasn’t as wonderful as I had hoped.  It was only slightly warmer inside the tent than in the house.  Better than nothing for sure, but not as great as hoped for.  Sigh.

So next idea…?

We have a week or so to figure it out since its supposed to warm up again.

I admit, that freezing morning made me completely rethink this whole off grid idea.  Who is crazy enough to not want central heat and air set at a decent temp?!  To wake up and not have to get out of a warm bed to freezing air?!  But that’s another bill, another thing we would be dependant upon to a company to provide, subject to their whims.

A traditional wood stove is out because of the “3 foot surround” rule.  That is a lot of valuable space to cut out of our small space.  A marine wood stove would be ideal, but at those prices, it will be a while.  Still looking at outdoor wood stoves as a possibility.  Bonus – we might know a local fabricator.

Regardless, we just need to figure out something to get us through until we can get a more permanent solution setup.  Whew – we can do this!!  😀

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