Guess what…?!

Edited to say: in my wonderfully working “got it all together” mind, I thought this was published last week.  Ahem.  Oops.  Yet, sadly, goes along with the rest of the post…  Mommy brain fog…  Lord help me… us…

Sorry for my slackerdom the last few weeks.  (And yes, that is totally a word!  Spell check so did not flag it.)  I hope you might understand.

First the big news.  After spending 4 days trying to naturally induce and finally giving up, babe decided to make the grand arrival this week!!  
Introducing:  Baby Girl  😀  Born at 9:30am Friday, October 26, 2012 – Weighing in at 8lb14oz and 20 3/4in long, .  Our 2nd biggest (only 2oz shy!).  While labor and birth didn’t exactly go as we are used to, it was still a successful homebirth with a big ole healthy babe and a now much lighter healthy mama. Praise God!!  #soblessed  Now to figure out a name.  Just to show more slackerdom, no we didn’t have any idea on girl names – we were so convinced we were going to have a boy.  Well played Lord, well played!

Much of this:

has and will go on the next few weeks – just insert different holders.  Nothing like snuggling a new little little and we all intend to soak it up for this way to short phase!
While that is certainly our biggest praise and excitement there are others!  Remember our little heating issue??  That has been solved in many ways!!  With much love we were blessed with the resources to purchase a Big Buddy propane heater.  Then to have father in law get a kerosene heater as well.  Oh the Lord wasn’t done yet!  Then we were gifted ANOTHER kerosene heater (the wick is going out, but it still throws out good heat!)  Wow He isn’t playing is He??  We figure we will alternate the propane and kerosene heaters.  Thinking: the kerosene will heat a much larger space (1,000 sqft!), but is much larger and gets wicked hot, needing a 3 foot surround, makes me so very nervous with the children.  Plus kerosene costs more than propane but we are not real sure on run times/heating ability.  The Buddy heater is smaller, still gets hot, just not like the kerosene, but will still heat the downstairs.  How is that for amazing answers to prayers!?  
We were also gifted the materials to finish the eaves.  Then upstairs will be ready for electrical and insulation!!  Yay!! And Mr. was finally able to get the 40 gallon hot water tank up there and stripped down for the batch heater.  More Thank you Lord!!!
There is some bad news though.  Apparently while we have been staying at my father in laws, a mouse had decided to move in.  Making its nest on top of the tent…?!  Yea, crazy!  So the tent came down, the door got another latch and our cats are coming home to make sure it stays away!
We are just feeling so blessed the way the Lord has worked in so many unexpected ways to fulfill all of our needs.  All the way down to diapers, a carseat and warm clothes for the children.  It’s so humbling.  We went into this adventure fully intent on doing all of it on our own, “asking nothin’ from noone”.  Just from circumstances, the Lord was/is teaching us that it doesn’t matter how independent we think we are or want to be, we need others – and others truly have the desire to help.  Not for personal gain or recognition, without expectations, but simply to be a blessing.  Regardless of how headstrong we want to be, we are part of His family and we are all here to help each other along in whatever form that takes.  Sometimes we are part of the giving, sometimes (and I think the harder) we are part of the receiving.  And thats what we are learning – its ok to be on the receiving end.  Even if He has to knock us to our knees to be able to accept it.  And then, He will give us the chance to pay it all forward and bless others.  
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  1. Congratulations! I love the snuggle stage when they tuck their legs up under their bum and make the cutest noises! Yuk on the mouse thing and yea! to the heat situation. I have been praying about that!

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