5 Random Thoughts

Cause I am just in one of those moods.

  • Mr. Man got a job!!  Praise God!!  Its kinda sorta like in a similar field as before but much less stress – and we don’t have the overhead.  Praying it works out well.  The owners were concerned about me being due this week and having him take a couple days off.  I’ve never had him for more than a day after anyway but we’ve never had these circumstances either, somehow we will manage with dad going back to work the next day…  or have the baby on Friday so I have his help for 2 days.  I’m praying for Friday.
Last pregnant pic – 40 weeks!
  • I’m due today!!  Not getting hopes up.  I have always gone over – the shortest by almost a week.  Still need to get a car seat, diapers and wipes.  Other then that, we are ready.  Yes, I realize how critical those items are LOL  Working on them 😉
  • While camp living – when hugely pregnant mom goes to the store and buys convenience foods people assume its because she has hit the “I’m hugely pregnant and don’t want to cook” phase.  When dad goes with the oldest boy, they assume the boys are off to deer camp.  Either parent just nods in agreement, its easier than explaining.
  • I am so blessed by my husband for all he has been doing, at home and away – and hopes he knows how truly grateful I am for his help ::swoon::  Mwah!!  And he did an amazing job reseasoning the cast iron over the campfire!!  It is so black and shiny, pretty sure better than before #love
  • Speaking of campfires… no more on Sunday mornings.  Makes it very difficult to not be self conscious and concentrate during church when thats all you can smell.  Lesson learned 😉
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  1. It's so wonderful about the job and the new baby's arrival. I have been praying daily for your family. I pray your delivery is quick and smooth and that you and your baby and family are all healthy and happy. I completely understand about the heat and comfort level, and will pray for a solution for that as well. God is good – all the time. Blessings, Liesl

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