Oh what a busy couple of days!  We are certainly back to “camp blogging”!  I blog on the phone, save it locally and then it is all updated next time there is internet.  I keep my same routine… but it floods the blog a couple of times a week.  Advanced apologies!
After spending another night in the truck (better but only very slightly!) we got the house “sleepable”.  See, the problem is easy – there are huge open holes all around it.  The children, after many nights hearing the coyotes declared it was to scary to sleep like that – the coyotes could just walk or jump in the window openings!  Maybe not likely, but a fear none the less.  
Those holes are now filed!!!

How many times will I be able to say – and my children happily comply – to “Children, come jump through the window one last time!”

Yes, another unconventional move on our part.  See we were given some of the needed foam board.  But a lot of the blue stuff was banged up.  So we cut off the good parts and pieced it around the windows.  The thinking being we plan on adding on the sides and it will all be stripped down anyway.  This will get us to that point.  The front we are using the thicker, reflective foam boards since it faces almost due south.

The windows were interesting to install.  Only one is a “new” window, the rest are “replacement” windows.  Once we figured out the first one they went pretty easily.  Like a “wow, that was too easy, what did we screw up” easy.  We still have to add the flashing, caulk and spray insulation – but they are in!  Hopefully the difference of the front two windows aren’t a glaring “grate on the nerves” difference…  but then again, getting them all for $30 a window, think I can live with it – and we saved enough to eventually purchase a match without feeling guilty!

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  1. I love the shape! Being from Michigan I have always loved the shape of a traditional barn and the extra room upstairs provides much more space than a gabled roof. We have been looking at "barn plans" for our home and I would even paint mine red! Ya know I didn't even notice the windows until you said something and even then I had to look really hard. I also love Life in a 320 square

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