Why are we putting our lives out like this?!

Frankly, after reading some of the comments on articles about other Tiny Housers, even I question it.  Yesterday, another article – Tiny Homes hit the Big City mentioning another Tiny House Family – was on the front page of CNN!  Exciting for sure – until you get to the comments.  Some people are very kind, writing words of encouragement and support.  Some express their desire to simplify, downsize, even if not to that extent.  Most others…  well, others are just downright ugly.  Maybe their mama didnt teach them about saying something nice or dont say anything at all or maybe they forgot that life lesson.  Maybe they feel like Tiny Housers are pointing out a flaw in their lives or they cant believe people can be happy with less because they cant conceive it.  Maybe that audience just felt superior to bash those that choose differently.

One thing is certain – extreme simplicity is a choice – just as materialism is – and everything in between.  Whether it is a conscious effort or not, its chosen with every decision, every purchase, every donation, every “to do”, every action.  If someone is happy with their McMansion, 3 cars in the drive, lavish vacations, platinum AmEx and intense job.  Great!  More power to you! I don’t care how you spend your time nor the money you earn!

We want different.

This blog was started more as a journal to record our journey.  I have had reservations about “going public” with our lives.  Goodness, we have gotten enough mixed reactions in our private circle.  It took a long time for me to get the courage to link with other Tiny Housers.  I don’t know how far it will ever go.  It may stay small, in a little, relatively safe circle.  Or it may get bigger and we will face the court of public opinion one day.  Only God know His intent.

But what if…

What if it reaches someone that is feeling pulled to a similar lifestyle change.  What if that person has reservations or questions or just needs some support.  We really are no different then the rest of America.  We live in the same culture.  We may have (slightly LOL) more then the average number of children, but we are still a young family with children.  There isn’t a ton of Tiny Housers sharing their experiences, even less families, and even fewer larger families.  We were fortunate enough to talk with another larger family who had done this same thing.  They were so helpful, so inspirational – just what we needed to hear when we started our journey.  The Lord put the perfect people around us, both in person and online!

Who knows, maybe by sharing our lives we can be a help to another family who want to take the leap.  We share our ups and downs, our victories and our trials because it may give someone else hope, encouragement – or they may see something we don’t.  It is life.  And life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.  Sometimes it is hard, especially when you are going against the grain, pursuing your dreams.  To only share the positives, I feel is not truthful, doesn’t tell the whole story, perhaps even cheapens the victories.  So we put on the Full Armour, share our life with those who care to follow along and let the Lord take care of the rest.

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