The house survived

Pretty good IMO.  As expected, the rain came in on the side that wasn’t covered with membrane.

The rain started Thursday afternoon.  We went back Friday afternoon to check on things.  It wasn’t to bad except our makeshift door had blown off and the roof leaking had allowed a couple of inches of water to gather.  Mr. Man had to punch a hole in the floor of the bathroom to get the water out and we dumped all the (full) buckets.

Saturday morning, after most of the heavy rain had moved on we went back to clean up.  Thankfully there was very little standing water – we even had dry spots around the floor 😀

 Sadly the over 100 degree weather is back for the next few days, so it will probably be Wednesday or Thursday before we can finish the roof membrane – contingent on Mr. Man’s work of course.

Thank you Lord for watching over the house!!

Sorry for the crappy pic – the neighbors pond – we did get a bit of rain!  

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those that did not fair as well – from the coast on up!!

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