Remembering 9-11

I find it ironic that today, a day in history that has shaped my entire adult life, is the first day being back on our land.  A day that changed how I viewed my life and my life as an American.  That filled me with terror, transformed into strength, a claiming of power, of resolve, of watch me do what you don’t think I can. 

Eleven years later, my heart still breaks.  Still invokes deep emotions, fills my eyes with tears of sadness for the tragedies and pride for those that went beyond.  I may have been 1000 miles away with not a single personal.sacrifice to mourn – except the one we all have in common – it is our country. 

And only in this country do we have the choice to do what we are doing.  This country was founded on people blazing their own trails, going against the grain, the normal.  American Ingenuity – if its not working, figure something out – make it work.  American compassion, who give more of themselves, their time and resources, than any of country.

Out of the ashes, the pain, the loss, we rise up.  We become stronger. Focusing on those things that matter most to us – those things we clung to in those dark days after our country was attacked. We have chosen to live our dreams – life is to short as demonstrated that day.

What about you?

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