First night back

The first night on our land we had nothing but a vision.  A dream really as we didn’t have much of an idea of what the house would look like.  5 months later, after 8 weeks away, we are back. Looking at the product of that dream. 

Since we got back to camp to late to set up, we spent the night in the trucks (not easy for a 36 week pregnant woman I might add).  Only this time, on a crisp star lit night, instead of seeing a blank slate through the windshield, we can actually see our home.  Towering as it is, much taller than anticipated.   Hours upon hours of sweat, labor and love from the head of our household.  Many prayers said and answered, and not always with a yes. Lessons learned, strength and weaknesses seen.  

The journey is not over yet.  Much still needs to be done on our little house and our homestead in progress.  But we have made it this far by the grace of God who has gone before us.  We will make it in His time.

We are home.

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