Come on in, I’ll give you the grand tour!

Welcome to our humble abode in progress! 
Hey, you work with what you’ve got right?  And a screen door is what we had, so it was covered with foam board to at least close up the gaping hole.
The left side – the kitchen, stairs and living area.  Currently set up for bedtime, with 3 beds.

The right side – bathroom and our “bedroom”.

The whole room.
Then all the beds are put up to make room for day life.
The bathroom is our storage spot for now – our clothes totes, bathroom/first aide tower, misc hand tools and water storage.  Just need a bathtub and we can start this room!

Upstairs facing the front of the house.

The stair cutout/back of the house.

Bit of a better angle of upstairs.  The plan is to build custom bed “rooms” that will tuck into these angles.

The kitchen and stairs.

Who knew we would go through so much masking tape!?  Just FYI – the high tack works much better on OSB and wood then the regular stuff.  Just spend the extra $2, get the good stuff, cause you will take off and move the tape a few times.  Here we are trying to figure out how to lay out the kitchen (remember the CAD drawings we had made before no longer apply after all the changes).  We laid out the cabinet height and depth as well as the first part of the stairs to the landing.  Finally, we made a cardboard cutouts of a “max” 8″ rise/10″ tread staircase, a sink and a stove to give some visual.

The original thought was to put the fridge under the stairs.  After researching, we found that a standard fridge is about 70″ tall – hence the very steep line up the wall – that is the line the stairs would have to follow to accommodate a standard fridge.  Then we thought we could put the fridge at an angle in the corner.  That leaves no room for a standard oven and sink along the “plumbing wall” (the wall separating the bathroom and kitchen).    Obviously, we have to scrap all original plans and figure something else out.  Either we go with smaller (and just as pricey!) appliances or we go with a steeper stair that is more ladder like or perhaps a combination of the two.  Guess this settles it – I will not get a front load washer in the kitchen 😛

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Come on in, I’ll give you the grand tour! — 4 Comments

  1. I bet it's nice to be out of the tents – especially with a growing baby! I remember sleeping on an air mattress in our tent while camping at 8 months along and I had to go to the bathroom. I managed to roll off the mattress but could get no farther. I just started laughing thinking how I must look. Praying that a divine solution for the stairs, kitchen and a washer will come soon.

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