Can you hear the Angels??

The Angels are singing “Alleluia – Alleluia – Alle-lu-ia“!! I hear them, so loud, so clear 😀

Remember that little strip at the front because I cut the sheets a tad short – and then how the last sheet I cut was 4 feet to short.  Get this!  After cutting “way to short” piece to fit the peak we were able to cut the remainder in half to fill that gap down the front with a very generous overlap!!  Ah-maz-ing!!  Isnt God good?!  He truly provides exactly what is needed!!

Real life Angry Birds game = children in heaven and occupied for a looong time!

Last stinkin’ piece!!!

The roof is FINISHED!!!  Well our part – remember we decided to hire out the metalwork 😉  Praise God!!  Thank You for keeping Your Hand on my husband and son while I prayed constantly from the ground!!  I am so glad that part is O-V-E-R!!  
And it was only 104 degrees – UGH!  Poor Mr. Man and Bou 🙁  They were drinking tons, but it was so stinkin’ hot!
We celebrated by getting pizza – Little Ceasers of course – everyone was desperate to shower LOL
Mr. Littlest not thrilled – the rigged house AC just wasn’t cutting it.  So to the truck’s AC they went – with a bribe of course so they would sit and buckle…  hey a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do 😉

Then it was decided we needed to cover the windows again, supposed to storm tomorrow.  Guess we shall find out how “dry” it is LOL

SOO close to being officially “dried in”!!

We will find out tomorrow if there are any leaks and where.  Praying there isn’t!  If all seems good, we can move stuff around/clean up a bit more.

And I really hope to start staying there after this front moves through.  Oh please please please.

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