A child’s first gift

Another one of my favorite things about being back on our land.  I am pretty sure I get more enjoyment seeing the huge smiles on the children’s faces as they bounce towards me, hands behind their backs, Mr. Littlest hollering “mama, we got something for you”.

They are wildflowers.  Or sometimes beautiful, white, fragrant onion flowers that are “to beautiful to go inside the house”.  They are a beautiful gift, something even a Little is able to collect all by himself.  He doesn’t have much to give, but he saw the beauty in those flowers.  And wanted to share that beauty with someone special.  Hugs and kisses all around, every time.  No matter how tired and uncomfortable I am feeling at that moment, seeing those bright eyes and smiling faces with their fist fulls of gifts, my heart swells.  Thank you Lord, I am so blessed. 

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