A busy day ends in glory

A busy day!  Lots of needed projects accomplished.  The Girls and Littles did a lot of picking up outside.  Mr. Man did work on the windows, the front porch and a few other things.  
Bou tackled this project.  I think it turned out pretty good!  The idea was adapted from a Pin I saw that used PVC pipe.  Not having PVC or a shed wall, but having tons of Gatorade bottles and scrap wood… well you work with what ya got.  I am so happy with how it turned out!  Thank you Bou!!

It was a very manly day all around.  After finding out the day before we were out of camp fuel, Mr. Man used charcoal in the grill to cook – only to realize how much of a waste of charcoal even half a grill uses!  So – tada!

I love it!!!  😀  Totally modern cowboy-ish  😛  If you don’t know us, yes, the flip flops totally fit – half the house has been built in flip flops!  (By law I am sure I am required to say something about building in flip flops is not recommended, proceed at your own risk, or something like that, so theres my disclaimer :-P)  While I vacuumed the house, Mr. Man did the cooking.  And ooh yum yum!  Sorry ladies, he’s mine 😛
Notice I said “vacuumed the house”.  I determined it needed a vacuum over a sweep to prepare it for…

REAL beds!!!  😀  Ahhh!!  Nothing has felt so glorious to this almost 39 week pregnant woman then a real bed to sleep in – its the little things truly.

The rest of them deemed it ‘glorious’ as well.  Except Bou…  he apparently got tired of others flopping on him, so got creative to separate himself – yes, that’s a lawn lounger.  Certainly no concern of someone flopping over on him now 😛  Next trip we will get the other mattresses and everyone will be set.  Admittedly it will make it more difficult on the construction side of things, but once we get the stairs done we can move most of them upstairs.  In the meantime – at least we are sleeping better 😀

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