Totally Self Centered Post

I love simple living.  I love the concept, I love the effects, I love the outcomes.

Over the last few months of our journey I have learned to let go of a lot of things.  We have learned what we thought were “needs” were just wants.  We have learned we don’t need a lot of “stuff”, let alone a lot of store bought “stuff”.  After a transition period, we learn to live without and no longer miss whatever “it” is.  Usually even finding life is enhanced by the change.

But I am a woman.  A high maintenance woman my husband likes to say.  He may be right.  To a point.  

In this adventure, I have learned there are certain things that I truly miss.  Not like my KitchenAid (which I miss terribly!).  But things for me.  Like pedicures (always done at home of course with an entourage of little girls).  And beauty regimes – face masks, hair treatments – again, with everyday (organic!) kitchen ingredients.  I miss my Chi – desperately.  The lady that wouldn’t go 4 days without straightening has now been almost 3 months.  Un. Heard. Of.  I miss my strappy heals, my towering wedges.  I miss my skirts and pretty tops.  I miss costume jewelry that makes the outfit “perfect!”.  I miss my makeup.

Perhaps this is a bonus to the way we have gone about it.  Start with nothing and add back in what we truly want/need.  Within reason of course.  Living simply doesnt mean we have to let go of everything forever.  Its becoming aware, intentional.  Not keeping something “just because” but keeping it because you truly love it and have use for it.   Even if some things are completely unnecessary, or even wasteful, to some people.  We all still desire to be happy in this adventure of life.  If a few pairs of tres cute wedges and a hidden cabinet of beauty essentials adds some happiness, I can downsize in other areas.  

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