THIS close!

Good news and bad news.  
They are anticipating lower winds (45 mph) and slightly less rain, depending on where the rain bands hang around.  Flooding they say, is by far the biggest issue.  But maybe it wont be to bad on our little spot of Heaven – least thats what I’m clinging to!  Either way, our fire departments aren’t taking any chances as we saw them prepping the rescue boats on our way to the house.  SMH.  Not a normal thing to see this far away from water sources!
Mr. Man found a baby lizard – and Little Missy was the only one that would hold it!

Finishing that sheet from last night

This was supposed to be the easier one… I’m not sure – he had to maneuver in some pretty awkward positions to nail it in.

The whipping wind was not helping!

Done with this side!

 And just in time!!  The wind really picked up fast and hard!  We are missing the top sheet on the other side and the strip down the peak.  It is as good as can be – and just what we were supposed to get done.  The tent was having a hard time so we emptied it all into the house and took it down as well.  Don’t want to lose the tent like we did the canopy last time Mother Nature flexed her muscles 😉  Then right on time, just after 1pm, the rain started.  Here’s to the beginning of 24ish hours of rain!  Isaac was finally downgraded to a Tropical Storm around 5pm.

Everything packed up and put away best we can… now its just to hope for the best while we hunker down at my mothers.

Neighbors pond – it was full when we started the project, been dry for a couple of months now – lets see how much rain it gets 😀

Whew – I am just going to relax and relish in the fact that major construction IS DONE!  😀  And figure out a way to celebrate this weekend  😀  We will deal with the effects of Isaac when we have to 😉

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