The day started with a call from my FIL.  He was at an estate sale… with a man that was apparently a cabinet maker!!  Of course we had to go.  Solid oak with hidden hinges – for .80 each!!!!  It was 20% off day and they were asking $1/door!!  Not knowing the size of our future cabinets I couldnt help but gather a variety of sizes… and ended up with *30* doors for $21 – yes, they even added another discount!!  We also got a ton of flashing, 100 feet of gutter, 6 downspouts and a bucket full of elbows for $22!!  We only need like 56ft and a few downspouts for the house, so there is plenty for a couple of outbuildings!  Yay!!  We also got a bucket full of those magnetic cabinet closures, not sure what we will do with that many but for less then $3 for the whole bucket, a lot of people will be blessed with them.

Then it was back to the house.  Where I was finally able to capture a pic of these crazy bugs.  They are apparently called a “Red Velvet Ant” but they are not an ant at all but a wasp!  How crazy is that?!  The females do not have wings and (obviously!) resemble an ant, hence the name.  While they are also named “Cow Killer” they dont actually kill but have a pretty horrible sting.  Good to know!  And not near as scary as the “Kissing Bugs” we have around here!!

This is another one of those slow but busy weekends!  Not for lack of work – Mr. Man spent hours on the roof and ladder screwing all the sheathing down properly.  Not a whole lot was added to the house (actually only 1 piece) but everything is screwed down and most of it is cut out.  The children and I spent the weekend cleaning up as best we could.  We only managed to gather 3 wheel barrels full of scrap wood, which I think is pretty good – not a lot of waste!

Be still my heart!!  I know he knows what he’s doing, he has done it hundreds of times (and on taller roofs!) but the difference is I never saw it!  LOL
What is it with all the boys and their obsession hanging out these windows?! LOL

 Hey if taking pics keeps them happy – BRING IT ON!!  😀

One of Mr. Man’s best friends showed up with his wife and nephew to help out a bit.  See another dude hanging out the window!

Ok, this made me more nervous then Mr. Man being up there!

This roof is taking forever!!  We still have to get 4 more pieces up and screwed down and get the roof membrane down before the roof is “dry”.  Maybe one or two more workday(s)…  Slow but steady right!

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