Roof decking!!

Big day!!  The roof decking is going up!!!  YAY YAY YAY!!!!!  To make it even better, it is the first * absolutely beautiful* weekend we have had since May – low humidity and temps in the upper 80’s! LOVE multiple cold fronts in 2 days time 😀

Its official – Camp is shut down.  Bittersweet.  I actually got all of this stuff sorted out and put away, but slacker me didnt get a finished pic.  Sigh.  Can you tell the sleeping tent was taken over with supplies??  So I organized that a bit better as well.

We were lucky to have a few helpers today – besides Mr. Man, Boo and my mom, my sister’s boyfriend and Mini came out!  Yay for extra hands and strong backs!!

Being silly!  Mr. Man trying to poke out his belly…  didnt work so well since he has lost 40lbs and gained a ton of muscle definition since starting this build!!  Who hoo!!

Oh dear!  At least he was tied off…

Nice little perch

Our strong mens!

Hey it worked very well!

Oh dear – really?!  And no, on top he doesnt have a tie off…  Ey!

So not afraid of heights.

A pinwheel!

Not bad for a days work!!  They had to stop because we were short a few pieces.  So we will get those and continue next time.

Then our land owner called and said he had some things for us.  “Some” I didnt think meant a truck full!  Ceiling fans, light fixtures, a pedestal sink (which makes two we have been given!), and on and on!  Amazing!!!  He said whatever we dont use to just pass on!  More blessing others!!  Yay!!

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