Prepping for Isaac

Its official.

Isaac will be coming just to the west of us (which puts us on the “strong” side of it).  The latest from our wonderful weather dudes – it will come through as a Tropical Depression weakening to a Tropical Storm.  We are to anticipate 65MPH winds, 8-12 inches of rain and slight risk of weak tornado’s from Thursday afternoon through Friday evening.


To be honest – we desperately need the rain.  The farmers certainly don’t need all the damage that comes with it, but we do need the rain.  And to this point we have been incredibly lucky!  The Lord has really done an amazing thing with weather and our home.  Thank you Lord 😀  While we have had a few storms hit, so many more storms have split and gone completely around our little spot of land!  Amazing!!

We have been mighty busy this week to get it prep’d as best we can.  Today, after being up/working for 24 hours, Mr. Man went out and got most of the roof finished.  God Bless that man 🙂

On to the pictures!

Our rigged AC 😛  It actually works fairly well!  Even with major drafts and no insulation LOL  It is even better now that the blue board is attached to the outside!

Rolling out the roof membrane.  Another rig – broom handles, on chairs means…

Ta-da!  Easy roll, measure, cut!

Ready for this?!  We are 4 feet short!!  ARGH!!!!  Need 7 pieces, got 6 done, roll out the last one – and we are 4 feet short.  Time to brainstorm and figure something out.

Fixing the eve that wasn’t quite right.

Al… most… there!

LAST PIECE!!!  OMW has this taken forever!  Finally DONE!!! 😀

Wicked, massive tall ladder!  Really its only like 20 ft, but still seems incredibly high!

Time for roofing membrane…  Plan A didnt work out.

Onto Plan B – difficult but worked.

This sheet went a lot better

Did you notice??  Yea, despite measuring multiple times AND adding 4 inches, somehow I managed to cut all of them a few inches to short :-  Dang 🙁

I was being a mean mama during this roof stuff.  All children not participating on the membrane application had to sit down – Boooring! Sorry, mama was stressed enough without adding running children to the mix LOL

Onto the other side!

And the wind was being even more difficult then on the other side – grr!!  Guess thats what 20mph gusts will do.

Trying to finish off that 3rd sheet… even the light didnt help much.

It was just before this that we  learned we really do live in the woods.  When what started as a few weird sounding barking dogs quickly turned into very close, very obvious howling coyotes!  Completely freaking the younger ones out – all of them running to the safety of the Excursion with shakes and tears.  Bless their hearts!!  Guess I will not need to worry about them wondering around at night anymore 😉

Its back to the grindstone first thing in the morning in a race to beat this storm – after Mr. Man gets a good, long nights sleep.

Not much left to do in theory.  Finish up that sheet, put the last few sheets up.  Which, in theory, should be easier since it is on the “easy” top peak.  Seal up the top floor windows (bottom windows are all covered with blue board – pray it is enough).  Oh and move various things inside/around/under the house in hopes of added protection.  Whew!  Thankfully we have a lot of little helpers for those easier things 😉

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