"Let’s build a house" she said.

“It’s just a box, it will be easy” she said.

Bwahahahaa!!  Ahem.  Famous last words huh??

Wow, how this “easy box house” build has evolved!

A 12×16 box with basic roof… no maybe a 16×20 is better… with a half loft… oh that means a ladder… and half walls upstairs for more headroom… ok, what about a 3/4 loft…  that means stairs, stairs toward the front of the house…  guess we could go a full second story… what about a gambrel roof…  and no half wall upstairs… oh, move the stairs to the back of the house…

And thats just the big stuff that has changed while building so far!

The only thing that has stayed consistent throughout the build??  We are in the south.  😀

Oh my word!!

We finally settled for certain: we are going with closed cell spray foam insulation inside, most likely with drywall.  We are doing a hot roof with metal.  Both are the pricier options but 1) being such a small house it doesnt add a significant amount to the overall budget compared to an average sized home.  Technically, yes, it doubles the cost – but when that cost is only about $700, well it seems an easy choice.  2) the upfront costs in turn reduce the long term recurring costs in utilities and maintenance.

Now that we are getting to the next steps (read: more details) our heads are spinning!  The framing was easy enough – there is a standard building practice used throughout the states.  The biggest decision is OSB or Plywood.  However with insulation and the “wall sandwich” we have learned there isnt so much “standard building”.  Instead, its few standard practices, many local requirements and a whole lot of opinions!  ARGH!

Those facts have made it… interesting… figuring out how the outside layers should be.  Apparently it makes a difference what kind of insulation you are using inside with how you proceed on the outside. Foam board, air space, wood siding?  Seal the OSB? Just the foam board? Both?  Housewrap?  Foil faced foam?  Skip the foam?  Everyone has their own opinion and it is downright confusing at times, frustrating at others.

Ah the joys of being inexperienced owner/builders on a house that YouTube and Google built!

So we are going to pick one “sandwich design”, go with it and hope for the best…

Yea, easy box house…  😀

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"Let’s build a house" she said. — 4 Comments

  1. Just noticed your blog today. I wish you all the best of luck. Dodging the feeder bands down here in Florida from Isaac. If you ever get a chance, it would be great to hear how you find what towns or cities allow you to build tiny?? I have been telling the wife for about 6 months that we should major downsize. Economy here in florida is terrible and we may both be jobless in no time due to

    • Wish I could be of help – we picked a county, went outside all city limits – then called around the county dept's about their regs. Luckily our county does not have size requirements.

  2. So do you have a drawing to show? From the pictures it looks like a second floor with a knee wall? We are a family of 6 looking to do the same type of thing so we are very interested in your project. We are in MI. Hoping the rain stays away – especially since you are tenting it.

  3. Hahaha Actually no. There is no drawing of what it has evolved into. The CAD program was on the desktop which has been in storage. 😉 All changes have just been sketched out on whatever was around at the time. LOL

    The second floor is just a gambrel roof (a barn roof), so the roof is the second floor walls and roof. We were afraid with a knee wall (which would likely require

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