Hurricane’s a comin’! Maybe…

Or maybe not.

So this TS Isaac apparently cant make up his mind.  One day the plots show way east, next day they show way west.  While its still 4-5 days away and there is still plenty of tracts for this thing to take, we have consistently stayed in the plots.  We are far enough inland though that if it does land as a Cat 2 it will just be a Low by the time its here, no concern for hurricane damage.

Lets recap:  we may or may not be having a significant rain and/or storm system in 4ish days (vague enough??) and a house that is missing half its roof.  Oh my!

It’s bust booty time!  Hopefully we can finish up the roof – only 2 more pieces of sheathing to put up and the underlayment.  We will get there 🙂  And if not… well we will figure that out later 😉

The pics of Bou screwing down the OSB got deleted by one of the various child photographers – at least these made the cut!

Yes, I will literally be doing a happy dance when this roof is done – for more then one reason!!!  😀

Sorry for the hand, they are photographers in training 😛

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