Happy Anniversary My Love

14 years and 6 children – a million memories made and more to come.  The one the Lord made perfect for me.  He compliments me, he challenges me to grow, to become who the Lord sees, to glorify Him.

How it all started all those years ago 3>

We have had some major curves thrown our way during this home build – and we are prevailing with the Lord’s grace.  And let me just say – that is a major feat!  Come on, seriously – we all know how emotional and flip floppy we women can be – it takes a strong and loving man to look at her and say “I still love you even though you are driving me crazy woman!”  LOL

The “Thank You” cards from our Convalidation (Church wedding) 3 children later 🙂  Yea it took a while LOL

Happy Anniversary Mr. Man.  I love you and will never be able to thank you enough for all your hard work you do for us – physically and mentally XOXO  My Hero 😀

Mama cut out pictures of houses for yearsFrom “Better Homes and Garden” magazinePlans were drawn and concrete pouredAnd nail by nail and board by boardDaddy gave life to mama’s dream 

– Miranda Lambert – The House that Built Me

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