Eves and overhangs

For the first time, I did not go to the homestead for workday.  Its been a very difficult and trying 2 weeks.  The Lord is certainly trying to teach me/us/someone something.  Sometimes growth is difficult, isnt it??
They were able to get all the eves and overhangs done but I dont have any pics of it.  Added bonus!!  Blue found a new roll of roof membrane and had someone check it out before passing it on to us.  Ready for this??  It is contractor grade membrane (like plasticy kinda stuff not tar paper) made for metal roofs!!  Exactly what we were wanting, but contractor grade!!  FOR FREE!!!  Saving us another $150+ (IDK how much contractor grade is but the stuff at Lowes is $150/roll!)  We should, hopefully, knock on wood, have enough to do the roof with it!!

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