Stuff, stuff and less stuff

Our journey to less “stuff” has been interesting.  Long, gradual, almost complete (maybe… hopefully… besides the maintenance of course) to choose a few words.  It has ranged from “fed up and brutal get rid of crap” to “litteral pains and tears of letting go”.  Our journey has been crazy.  From our first 2 bedroom apartment that was packed full for 3 people, to another 2 bedroom for 4 of us, to a 1400 sq ft house for our family of 5 – when the “simpler” bug hit me fast and hard.  Moving to about 2000 sq ft as a family of 7 (which funny enough required us to get rid of half of our possessions!) and the dramatic move to 400 sq ft.  If that wasnt small enough, it was reduced further while camping/staying with family and carrying our daily needed possessions in our Excursion.  While we didn’t get rid of stuff when we downsized to 400 sqft, the only things we lived with for 6 months fit in a 6×12 U haul trailer.  The front 1/3 being our food storage.  Which didnt leave much room for “stuff”.

Now we are building a home for our family of 8 that is under 600 sqft.  We have had a lot of time to think, to examine, evaluate.  And it hit me over the weekend when I had conversations with 2 ladies – I do not want all that “stuff” we have stored brought into our home – and we don’t have to bring it in!  We don’t have to bring in the 12 totes of toys, the 5 boxes of books, all that rarely used kitchen stuff. We still have to maximize storage space – we are kind of a big family in a kind of small home – but we don’t have to have a plan of what to fill that space with right now.  It can stay empty until needed – or forever!  With a smaller house – we also dont need as many holiday decorations – let alone day to day knick knacks!

Freedom!  Let go of the guilt.  The “I might use that” (if you haven’t used it in the last year, you probably wont – and if you do need it one day, you will probably be able to find someone wanting to get rid of theirs just like you are doing now!) or “someone special gave it to me” (that person wants you to be happy as well, especially if that stuff is just “clutter” and weighs you down mentally, emotionally, financially) or “but it cost money” (how much have you spent on storing that stuff?  Is it really doing you any good to hold onto it just because you purchased it).  Bless someone else with your excess!  Sell it and purchase things that fit you, your space, your life better.  Or pay off debts – that is always helpful.

Baby steps and you will get there.  Little by little we have dwindled what we own over the years.  I am fairly certain we own less now then even as newlyweds and only 1 child.  How freeing it is!!

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