Roof Construction

How strange is this?  After a week of only running up to check on the land and staying at my parents, we go back to this.

The color change is beautiful!!
Except that its July and the color change is because its been over 100 for weeks and no rain in 4 months…

So off to work we go on the various tasks that need to be done.  Finishing all the (so far) hurricane ties, spray foaming cracks, laying out and double checking the rafters length/angles… only to have the generator stop working and unable to restart.  Sigh.  So load up and back to my moms to cut everything. 

Cutting the gussets

It wasnt until today that we were able to go back out, set stuff up and finish the previous tasks.

Still need to add more nails – my goodness this takes a while!

The jig and assembly line ready to go!

I couldn’t help but sit down, just take it all in, while dad and Mr. Man were messing with the generator.  It has only been a week, but I have truly missed our little spot of off grid land.  Yes, it is hard, harder then I ever thought.  There are things that we miss in unbelievable ways.  But after being back in the ‘burbs for a week, there is so much I am missing about our little country homestead.  Which is something I never though I would say being a self-declared small city girl.  I missed the insects music, the owls hooting, the whippoorwills songs.  I missed the technology-free quiet.  The way the children were running and playing and getting plum tuckered out they were ready for bed when they saw the Big Dipper (what has become our bedtime).  I missed how even with the wispy clouds moving in front of an almost full moon we can still see stars, dimly, but still visible.  I miss that peaceful feeling.  

And I will have to hold on to this thought, these feelings because I really am not the biggest fan of the country…

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