Raise the Roof

Blue showed up early to help out – like 6:30am.  The two of them were able to knock out the last 7 rafters within a couple of hours.  It was a good morning – overcast and spitting rain – much better then the triple digit heat!

After Blue left my family showed up to help.   First rafter up!

I noticed we grew more rocks – it is like this all over the property.  What once was dirt washes away to reveal yet more rocks.

After sprinkling rain until noon, the sun came out in full force, while the high was only 91 we did have very high humidity because of the earlier rain.  Least we got a few hours of a break.

After a break for a late lunch, they started on the last half of the rafters.
Us girls picked up camp from the nasty storm.  Almost done!  And of course acted as gophers for the men 😛

Cleaned out the tent and moved the not water safe stuff in there.  And BTW – those OXO containers in the lower left side *are not* water tight…

We lost a few trees – including this tree, that did hold our targets…  oops…

Oops – this is when we figured out that one of the rafters were flipped.  First major construction oops!

They got it turned and put back together.

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It was a long 16 hour day – everyone was done long before.  Thank you for sticking it out and continuing on!!  THE ROOF IS UP!!

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