Mother Nature wins again

Today I experienced something I never had before.  Mother-in-law wanted to take the children for the day.  All of them.  Interesting dilemma for me – what do I do all day by myself?!  Normally, this would be my opportunity to clean the house.  But goodness, I don’t even have a house to clean or organize!  

I decide to window shop and then go back to my moms to take a nap.  When I notice on radar that the land is being hit with a downpour.  With no Severe Warning attached, I don’t think anything of it, a bit of rain would be good…

Tables flipped, sleeping tent collapsed, standing water on the beds even, kitchen canopy completely broke.

Everything soaked – a solid inch of standing water, some places even had more.  Tools and supplies soaked.

Ladders knocked over, blue board blown everywhere, tarp blown off the cutting station.

What a mess!

The good news – the stakes were all still in the ground!  The material ripped though…

Apparently, it was not a simple rainstorm.  Sigh.  We did what we could to clean up at dusk (hence the crappy quality photos, sorry!).  Tomorrow while the men are working on the rafters, we all know what I will be doing…  Again with the positives – it took 10 weeks before we had a disaster!

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