God’s Humor – Time and Materials

Amazing clouds rolling through!

It was  cloudy off an on last week.  And God has a sense of humor.  See, normally our problem is more time then materials.  The last week – decent temps, plenty of materials, and NO TIME!  UGH!  Things were switched around at Mr. Man’s work, time will tell if its a good thing or not.  But it meant he had to work almost 80 hours…

This week however, he has had a lack of work, which means lots of time working on the house!  

This creepy bug is apparently called an Assassin bug – and they are everywhere!!  Freaks me out now that I know about them!!!  UGH!!!

Front and back walls framed out

With the makeshift sunshade

First piece of upper OSB going up!

Lots of breaks are required when it is over 100 degrees!

I will be SO glad when all this roof work is done!

The front is also done.  Well mostly.  We are short one sheet – kinda.  See we purchased enough wall sheathing – but they messed up somehow and 2 sheets of flooring OSB was in the bundle.  Soo… yea…  another trip to the store for 2 more sheets, but 3 extra sheets of flooring…

Then one of Mr. Man’s friends showed up and I forgot to get a picture :- Next time!!  Since we do not have the windows yet, we just framed out for a large stock window from Lowes with the thinking that we can always make it smaller if a smaller window is purchased.

Another big leap in progress!!

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