Building the Rafters

Once it hit mid 90’s it was decided to remake the jig inside the house and attempt assembly in there.  Complete with rigging foam board and setting up the wall AC unit to have cool air when needed.  Yes in a window, in the house.  Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!

Plywood gussets

Its kinda funny – for 4 years I have been purchasing Mr. Man all sorts of tools saying “one day you will build something”.  These nail guns have sat unused for 3 years, just waiting…  Its so nice to see them put to use!  He seems to have fun using them too.  Oh and no we did not get the generator working, but Mr. Man was able to borrow another one while we work on the first one.

We/they ended up getting 8 out of 16 done today.  Halfway done!!

And then…  for the first time in months we have a decent chance of rain Monday/Tuesday.  Do we push to get it dry before or just see where we end up…  Oh dear!

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