Times of trial

They say if you can build a house together, you can make it through anything.  I figure this sentiment is often referring to a couple deciding things like layouts, design, finishes – contracting it all out.  What does that mean when you are literally building a house together, DIYing all of it?

It has become very apparent the last couple of weeks, we never would have made it this far had it been 10 years ago.  Goodness, probably even 3 years ago!  Our differences and similarities have really showed during this time.  And thankfully, we know each other well enough, have melded well enough, that we usually know how to respond to each other in those difficult moments.

We knew it would be difficult.  Anybody who decides to build a house knows that.  Especially when you are having to learn each step as you go.  Add in pregnancy, 5 children, camping and a plan that fell apart – and it could get ugly with all the stresses.  Bless his heart for this!  I know it is rough on him as well, even though he is often silent on that.  Its a dude thing.  We are so grateful, so blessed, for all he is doing.

And grateful for those unanswered prayers that knew better then to let us do this before we were ready!

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