They Mean Well – Part 3 – Electricity

I totally get this one as well.  You can’t power a typical American home on alternative energy unless you want to drop tens of thousands on it.  AC/heat, fridges, freezers, big screens, game consoles, ect. Oh my, the list is endless!

But what if you don’t have all that in your tiny home?  What if we decide we don’t need multiple fridges and freezers, big screens and game systems?  Or at least, not right away.  What if all we want is just to power some lights and fans.  We can run a window AC unit off of the generator for the few hours it needs to run each day.  Maybe not the most long term cost effective solution, but a start.

Here’s the bottom line.  Either we 1) go above ground, the electric company cuts a 30 foot easement through our completely wooded property from the road to the house, charges us for it and then its free to run the line 1/4 mile or 2) underground, we dig a 3 foot trench and pay $1.74/foot to run the line.  Apparently its mostly a wash – either we pay for them to cut our trees down or we pay for them to run the underground line.

Neither of us are thrilled about a huge chunk of our woods being cut down, so underground it is.  Then comes the next kicker.  Starting on grid electricity will run approximately $2k plus of course the monthly bill.  Do you know what kind of solar powered system we could start with $2k!?  Certainly not enough to run all the “stuff” but more then enough to power what we need for simplicity, the basics.  Bonus being small costs, expandable with immediate results, allowing us to save up for the large purchase of the grid connection.  Similar to how we are doing the water situation.  Start small with what is essential, grow it larger as needed.

(And yes, we are discussing propane for some things, still weighing pros and cons with that.)

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