Slow week

Sadly, never got to go to Mr. Contractor’s house, so we are on our own.  Have a fairly good idea on how to do the roof, just wanted to hear “yes” from a pro.  Ah well.

Mr. Man has been working on the posts for the deck.  He has wanted to use cypress trees as posts for something for years.  Now he can! They will be our front porch posts.  He has them all cut and debarked… now to figure out how to attach them.  Insert more “in theory” ideas here.

The children and I have made a lot of progress on the “line the driveway with rocks” project this week, finishing half of the circle drive.  Oh boy will I ever be happy when this is done!!  The sooner we get it done the sooner we can start trucking in gravel for a smoother ride.  I am pretty sure this is going to work.  Remember it was another “in theory” project.  The first part is packed – hard – and I mean all the way to the rock border, but the border has not moved.  Next its on to the parking side of the circle before we decide to track back down the hill and finish the front.

This weekend we plan to empty the storage units.  (Insert mini freak out).  Best case scenario we have a better idea of what we can sell, give, ect.  Worst case it all ends up just getting thrown “somewhere” to get it out of the units.  Hope we can get a couple of friends to help with 2 of the objects.  Yes I am being all materialistic and all “I love my stuff” but I truly do not want to get rid of our bedroom set (which is just a bed and LARGE armour) or the couch.  The couch is an ehh, it can go if it needs to.  But the bedroom set (insert slow motion) nnnnnoooooooo…  Yes, I know “Simple living, reduce, reduce, reduce!  Its just stuff and stuff doesn’t bring happiness.”  But I cried (literally!) over selling our dining set.  There are just certain things I am not ready to let go off.  Like my china.  Even though I have no idea where in the world it will go.  Sigh.  The downside of downsizing.  I will be strong!

Maybe it hasn’t been quite so slow this week.  We have also been working on the garden layout plan and the pool/rose garden plan.  Finally getting it mapped onto an Excel sheet.  I am sure it will still be tweaked over and over, but it gives us a good idea of the areas we need to clear.  Now to find the perfect spots!

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