Seasons Change

The change in seasons always excites me.  Let me rephrase that, usually excites me.  I am never real fond of the official beginning of winter.  Yet I have to get through winter to get to spring.

It is now officially summer!  I wait all year for this time!  Cookouts, lake trips, bonfires, lightening bugs, lazy days, the list could go on!  I am truly glad we are doing this right now, at this time of year.  Yes, most days are brutally hot, fairly certain this is just the beginning to Satan’s Summer, forcing us to seek shelter elsewhere, not able to work on all we could around the land.  But that will change somewhat as soon as the house in is in the dry and we can run a window AC unit for those miserable times – siesta anyone?  

But the nights…  oh the nights!!  There is simply nothing like a southern summer night!  Mostly comfortable temperatures, sometimes even a nice breeze.  Katydids and Cicada’s making their sounds (not to the point of being deafening quite yet).  The endless songs of the Whippoorwills, owls hooting.  And the sky!  Oh the summer night sky in the woods!  Granted we still have some “light pollution” from the cities all around us, but it is still so big, so bright, in spite of those lights.  Lying in the tent, looking through the windows and listening to those sounds – we are definitely making the front porch a sleeping porch if we don’t build another!  

The changes also make me look back and reflect on how far we have come since last summer, how much we have learned and grown, even in just the last 8 weeks of camping/building.  I still even surprise myself while looking at tiny homes, commenting on “oh how lucky they are” and “how amazing to be able to do that”.  And then it will hit me again – we *are* doing it!  We are one of those few that have dreamed it, jumped and are living it.  Amazing!  So blessed!  It has been quite an adventure so far – taking us from the top of the peak to the low valley and back again.  Forcing us each to look inward at ourselves as well as outside and how we interact with each other, learning and growing.  Again, amazing and so blessed!

And so I leave you with this – the worlds biggest freaking bee ever!  AND it landed ON MY BELLY!!!  Then went here, to the burn pit, where it thankfully waited while I got the phone.. because nobody would ever believe that it was really this stinking big without a picture!  The downside to summer 😛

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