Not much to update on

This week has mostly been about nailing joists to rim joists and screwing hurricane straps.  And dreaming.  Lots of dreaming.  We are getting so close to being all framed in and the fun stuff can begin!

Then started thinking about the roof…  and got stuck… again.  Going tonight to look at Mr. Contractor’s building, hope to get some idea on how to proceed.

The weekend was a rather lazy one, spending it with in laws and a family reunion.  Sometimes taking a couple of lazy days away is good for the spirit.  Sunday afternoon was an attempt at cutting up trees into firewood with dad and Boy helping…  which probably would have worked better had the chains been sharp and the bar been straight.  Not much accomplished there.  Possibly a good thing as the wood shed has been deemed “unstable for use” by Mr. Man.  It shall be torn down and rebuilt in a more stable fashion and place.  Perhaps need to go ahead and build a 2nd one while we are at it.  I didn’t realize how many trees we actually had piled up around the place!

All in due time, God’s time rather 🙂

Edited hours later to add:
After hiding at mother in laws house to avoid the thunderstorms… come back to a framed house with 2 inches of water in it.  Sigh.  Guess the OSB on the walls will have to wait a few more days so it can all dry out.  On the flip – the floor is water tight 😛

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