Happy Fathers Day!

Can I just say – I am so blessed to have this man as my husband and baby daddy (sorry, I totally couldn’t resist!).  I am pretty sure that like us moms, dads so do not get the credit they deserve.  I know mine sure doesn’t.

Especially lately.

I so wish I could do more to help with the build, help him more.  It is truly a home built with his own hands.  Plus working full time and overtime just so we can have the extra cash to stow away towards this endeavor.  He comes home from work everyday and spends the next 3-4 hours on another aspect of the build.  All while putting up with an emotional pregnant wife and five energy filled children, not to mention the not always positive comments from people.  That’s almost saint-like isn’t it?!

Have I mentioned how truly Blessed we are to have him??  Today especially, we Praise Him for giving the children and I the perfect-for-us husband and daddy.  And we thank Mr. Man for all that he has done and is doing for us even though we will never be able to adequately express it.

We love you Mr. Man!  Happy Fathers Day!

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Happy Fathers Day! — 2 Comments

  1. Good man. Better man than I and will have the ability to say I built this house! Awesome!

    Just checking in on ya'll.

    "Nobody ever erected a statue to a critic" Orrin Woodward.

    Tell that the next time someone says What are you crazy?

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