Deck and Temps

These are August temps right here (it did show 115 at one point)!  And considering we haven’t had a significant rain since March, it is not a good situation.  I will admit, the lack of rain has been somewhat helpful for construction.  But its two-edged because we really need the rain.  The pond across the street is completely dry – the pond at the farm, almost dry – farmers fields burned up.  Not a good year.  One of the few times that a hurricane would be a good thing (although I just read a county in Florida got 33″ of rain *today* from TS Debbie!  Can you imagine that much rain?!)  Because of the intense heat, my mom has been gracious enough to let us stay a few days (actually, she pulled the mom card and demanded we come LOL!) – being in a house is seriously like a vacation!!

Enough about the weather.  Not much progress to report, except for Deck: Phase 1 – Complete.  Just added 160 sqft of usable-most-of-the-year space!  And for free (minus hardware of course)!!  Tada!!  Mr. Man said it looks like a big pallet… which it does 😛  But we will paint/stain it and it will look totally different… I hope…  Railing and a roof and it will be done – yay!  We also picked up a ton of electrical stuff, a brand new toilet and a window AC unit from Blue (he has been the collection person for donations).  Little by little we are getting things acquired.  This weekend my mom is purchasing the roof and most of the OSB.  Depending on the weather and how fast we can get it done, we might be closed in next week.  Trying not to get my expectations to high though, it has been a rough couple of months with this adventure.  But it is happening – sure and steady!

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